Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts 11/05/2019 - Final Preparations

Very happy indeed to be welcoming Robert Campbell Henderson - Artist, Korshi Dosoo - Group leader; The Coptic Magical Papyri of the University Julius Maximilian University Wurzburg and Raquel Martín Hernández Spain, lecturer at the Department of Classics at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid to the Atelier this weekend for the opening of Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts.
Other contributing artists and academics are; Edward O. D. Love, and 2. Markéta Preininger Svobodová of The Coptic Magical Papyri, Luis Calero - singer - PhD Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Universidad Complutense de Madrid in Studies of the Ancient World, Hugh McMillan - poet - who by magical means may just arrive! And posthumouly Serge Arnoux and William Blake.

Works include etchings, monoprints, tracings of ancient magical papyri, poetry, photography and two films with original soundtracks by Luis Calero and Hugh McMillan

There will be a lecture and workshop led by the Coptic Magical Papyri and Raquel Martín Hernández on sunday 12 Mai, for which there are still 2 spaces remaining, so email directly if you would like to register.

It is currently raining so the drought we have been anxious about here in France is being slaked and the weather for the picnic on sunday should be perfect. I am off to make the beds and put lavender bags under pillows and finish the two cinema spaces, one in the attic, one in the crypt!