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20/10/2019 Very pleased to be welcoming artist Marion Flanagon to the ATELIER for a residential week

04/10/19 A busy few weeks and looking forward greatly to guests Hedenborg and Crockford for a research weekend.

Tearing Up the Rule Book - A bas a regles’ By Day Bowman runs until the 20th October. For appointments and guided viewings please email


Above. Detail from Ebb and Flow 2. Day Bowman

After a wonderful summer of visual, contemporary art and performance which has included works by Jonas read, Robert Campbell Henderson, Luis Calero, Raquel Martin Hernandez, The Coptic Magical Papyri, Katy Ashcroft, William Blake, Serge Arnoux, Lucy Perkins and Sally Annett we are set to welcome Day Bowman on 05 September for the vernissage of her exhibition ‘Tearing Up The Rule Book’ paintings and new works on Paper.

Bowman is the Winner of the Anima Mundi, ITSLiquid International Painting Prize showing at the Venice Biennale 2019 and the Bath Arts Open 2019; the prize-winning painting ‘Plashy Place 3’, will be shown alongside other painted works by the artist Day Bowman in September.

For over two decades Bowman has consistently made beautifully nuanced abstract works on paper and canvas using a very particular palette. The paintings range greatly in scale and respond to a real, coastal landscape in the south of England as well as reflecting psychological and emotional spaces which are both personal and trans-personal.  Bowman will additionally be showing new works on paper.

A full catalogue of Bowman’s exhibition ‘Tearing up the Rulebook’ will be available for sale from the Atelier from 05 September and the work will be further reviewed by painter and critic John Stephens.

E-catalogues will be available for all the exhibitions shown at Atelier Melusine – to download them please follow the link;

We look forward to seeing you in La Trimouille

Septembre 05 - Octobre 20  ‘'Déchirer le livre des règles'.

Day Bowman : Gagnant de l'Anima Mundi, du Prix International de Peinture ITSLiquid et de la Biennale de Venise 2019 et du Bath Arts Open 2019.

Le tableau prime 'Plashy Place 3', sera exposé aux côtés d'autres œuvres peintes de l'artiste 
Day Bowman en septembre. Depuis plus de deux décennies, Bowman a toujours réalisé des œuvres abstraites magnifiquement nuancées sur papier et sur toile en utilisant une palette très particulière. Les peintures sont d'une grande diversité d'échelle et répondent à un paysage côtier réel dans le sud de l'Angleterre, tout en reflétant des espaces psychologiques et émotionnels à la fois personnels et trans-personnels. 
Bowman exposera en outre de nouvelles œuvres sur papier.

Un catalogue complet de l'exposition de Bowman'Tearing up the Rulebook' sera disponible à la vente à l'Atelier à partir du 05 septembre et l'œuvre sera revue par le peintre et critique John Stephens.

Des catalogues électroniques seront disponibles pour toutes les expositions présentées à l'Atelier Melusine - pour les télécharger, veuillez suivre le lien suivant :

Au plaisir de vous voir à La Trimouille

DayBowman-postcard-French copy 2side 1.jpg

Exhibitions June - September 2019
May 11 - June 29

‘Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts’

Works lost, found and reimagined across 2000 years: mixed media. A unique international exhibition of prints, tracings, photography, film, spoken word and poetry. Artists and collaborators include Serge Arnoux, Robert Campbell Henderson, William Blake, Coptic Magical Papyri featuring Korshi Dosoo and Raquel Martín Hernández, Luis Calero, Shirley Wade Henderson, Hugh McMillan, Sally Annett and Morgan Annett-Parish.


Above; Temporal Traces animation, performance and film. The Crypt Space. Atelier Meluisne, June 2019. Coptic Magical Papyri, Luis Calero, Annett and Annett-Parish.

Jonas Read
19 July – 24 August
‘I Much Prefer the Mundane’

Image 1Jonas.jpg

Jonas Read
‘I Much Prefer the Mundane’

Robert Campbell Henderson
19 July – 24 August

‘Polaroid Evangelism’ as part of ‘I Much Prefer the Mundane’


Above; Robert Campbell Henderson.
Details from the series of 72 Polaroid initiated emulsion prints ‘Polaroid Evangelism’

July 19 – August 24 ‘I Much Prefer the Mundane’

Jonas Read will be travelling from New York (USA) to La Trimouille (Fr) via Dublin, Ireland where he is  performing with his band The Big Geraniums, to open his exhibition of architectural, abstracted and sometimes brutalist photographs of North America; ‘I Much Prefer the Mundane’  and give an intimate solo performance at the vernissage on 19th July.

With Read is printmaker and photographer Robert Campbell Henderson who will show a new series of small works called ‘Polaroid Evangelism’ demonstrating his obsession with the medium of old polaroid film and seeing how far he can push the medium in a chemical and painterly manner.

The photographs expand off paper onto metal and collage formats which include entirely experimental processes in composition and technique. Both artists play with themes of landscape and scale in unexpected and very beautiful ways.

September 05 – October 20   ‘Tearing up the Rule Book’
Day Bowman : Winner of the Liquid Painting Prize at the 2019 Venice Biennale and the Bath Open 2019

She writes “I find that the large-scale canvases echo the marks, lines and shapes that we made in the wet, grey sand of my home town beach: thus, the canvas becomes the beach that acted as the large- scale canvas of my child-hood.  In these works I have allowed myself to move freely from one work to another with a sense of play and random mark-making.  Through the use of colour, of scribbled lines and drip marks, contrasting with the blocks of background painted areas, I have attempted to capture the tides and the occasional gleam of sunshine…Whilst these are not overtly political works, through the transformation of paint, I find this current series of paintings squaring the circle of my life and reaffirming my sense of play coupled with a deep sense of unease and questioning the notion of place, identity and belonging.”

Sally Annett who has curated the exhibitions has admired both Bowman and Read’s works for several years commenting; “It is a great joy to bring such internationally acclaimed contemporary art works to La Vienne. Campbell Henderson complements Read and Bowman and I am enthralled with his vigour, dynamism, adept utilisation of new and traditional media and am delighted to welcome him back to the Atelier.
All the artists in this exhibition work, travel and (3 out of 4) live as immigrants in countries which have been adopted as home, so it is a pleasure that we are able to continue to work producing energising cross-border collaborations.
The summer and autumn programme is a truly beautiful, experimental, traditional and paradoxical series of international artworks.

Sally Annett
Facebook Page: Sally Annett Art
Twitter: @SalAnnettSandL

We are delighted to announce that Atelier Melusine has received Association status and that our first Open Annual General Meeting will take place on Monday 20 May 2019 at the Salle de Fetes, La Trimouille at 20.00. We look forward to seeing you there.
Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que l'Atelier Melusine a reçu le statut d'Association et que notre première Assemblée Générale Annuelle Ouverte aura lieu le lundi 20 mai 2019 à la Salle des Fêtes, La Trimouille à 20h00. Au plaisir de vous y rencontrer.

Our next exhibition Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts opens on 11 May at 18.30 with lectures, workshops and a picnic the following day from 11.00 - 15.30.
Please book in advance as spaces are limited. The exhibition runs until 29 /06/2019
Works by Robert Campbell Henderson, Serge Arnoux, Hugh Mcmillan and William Blake The Coptic Magical Papyri Team with Raquel Martín Hernández and Luis Calero
‘Exuberance is Beauty’, ‘Blash o God’ & ‘25 Prints’

There will be a second vernissage and Balades des Artistes partie deux on 31/05/2019 with live performances from Hugh McMillan. In collaboration with Gallery Vero and Dayarts.

There will be a second vernissage and Balades des Artistes partie deux on 31/05/2019 with live performances from Hugh McMillan. In collaboration with Gallery Vero and Dayarts.


L’atelier Melusine is delighted to recieve two major donations of artwork by contemporary printmakers Freya Payne and Robert Campbell Henderson.
Below, ‘The Prisoner’ etching by Freya Payne

‘Dolls - Pupa’ opened with a busy private view on 23/03/2019. The exhibition shows the work of over 22 artists and allows an intimate and complex look at the concept of ‘the doll’ both inanimate and artificially animated, through the medium of text. Submissions in the form of essays, prose and poetry have been emailed, printed and then installed as a site specific work across the four levels of the space around selected items, cinematic and web based elements as well as exhibits from the Melusine’s own collection. These include original pieces by G.L. Brierly, Freya Payne and Tess Jaray. The responses have been highly personal and exceeded the original format introducing film such as ‘Rice Harvester’ by Katarzyna Borelowska, books, handmade papers as well as instruction manuals; the ‘Ultra-Low Voltage Survival Kit’ (Mindaugus Gapsevicius) and a piece of futurist theatre ‘Monde 2.0’ by the Nigerian artist Waliya Yohanna Joseph. List of exhibiting artists include: Roman Kalinovski, Rowena Willard-Wright M.A., FSA, FRSA, Annett, Sabine Jeanne Bieli, Tess Jaray, Deborah Dallyn, G.L. Brierly, Jamie Jackson, Gordon Mckenna, Bryan Jonez, Collection of the Atelier, Mindaugas Gapševičius, Sez Thomasin, Carlo Gori, Freya Payne, Merrill Rauch, Lydja Uta SzatKowska, Waliya Yohanna Joseph, Marie di Gaetano, Alison Thomas, Yasmein Hussan, Colin A . Low, Fatma Ramadan, Susan Johanknecht, Anna Fairchild, Gaelle Gebel, Froso Papadimitriou, Prof. Christopher Smith, FSAS, FRHistS, FSA, FRSA, MAE
John Thomson Prinzhorn Dance School, piece REIGN
Katarzyna Borelowska

Review by La Nouvelle Republique of Dolls - Pupa

08/03/2019 - The window of the Atelier is an information and ideas point for International Women’s Day, supporting and celebrating this important day. La vitrine de l'Atelier est un point d'information et d'idées pour la Journée internationale de la femme; soutient et célèbre cette journée importante.

More important than ever as the gulf between rich and poor in this world grows wider. Plus important que jamais alors que le fossé entre riches et pauvres dans ce monde s'élargit.

More important than ever as the gulf between rich and poor in this world grows wider.
Plus important que jamais alors que le fossé entre riches et pauvres dans ce monde s'élargit.

01. 03. 19. Announcing the artists selected for ‘Dolls - Pupa’

01. 03. 19. Announcing the artists selected for ‘Dolls - Pupa’

October 30 2019
John Hambley

September 05 - October 20
Day Bowman - “
Tearing up the rule book - déchirer le règlement”

‘Holiday Destination 2’ and ‘Holiday Destination 3’ by Day Bowman. Oil, charcoal and conte on canvas.

‘Holiday Destination 2’ and ‘Holiday Destination 3’ by Day Bowman.
Oil, charcoal and conte on canvas.

Katy Ashcroft August 2019

July 13 2019
Jonas Read
Solo exhibtion by the New York photograher and musician Jonas Read, building on the theme of ‘urban-rural’.

Jonas Read - NYC

Jonas Read - NYC

Polaroid Evangelism - Robert Campbell Henderson - July 2019


Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts 11 May
Works by Robert Campbell Henderson, Serge Arnoux, Hugh Mcmillan and William Blake The Coptic Magical Papyri Team with Raquel Martín Hernández and Luis Calero
‘Exuberance is Beauty’, ‘Blash o God’ & ‘25 Prints’

23 March 2019
a group show of text based work in response to Annett’s brief of ‘Dolls’. Invited artists.

John Thomson

John Thomson

Residency - Philosophy and Science
15 - 18 February
Three great days working with artists from Nantes, Bordeaux and Orleans.


Blog Launch
Saturday 16/02/2019 - ‘(text:message : ilud:nuntius)’ from 18.00 - 20.00,

Ilud nuntius.jpg

Jonas Read January 2019
New York photography and member of the ‘Big Geranuiums’ Jonas Read in residence at the Atelier de Melusine researching and developing his July 2019 exhibition

News 2018/2019

OPENING NIGHT 07/12/2018
18.30 - 20.30
L’Atelier de Melusine successfully opened to the public on the night of 7 December 2018 as part of ‘La Balade des Artistes’ with very well attended opening night. The exhibition will run until March 7 2019.

’Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind’ by Sally Annett

Wrest Park UK.  June 15 - July 22, 2018
Bletchley Park UK.                             July 15 – October 28, 2018
Atelier de Melusine Fr. December 7, 2018 - March 7 - 2019

Sally Annett has produced two, separate, large scale, exhibitions of original prints, paper objects, external panels and large hand–bound codex; one hosted at Wrest Park, the other at Bletchley Park for the summer and autumn of 2018. These will be followed by a round table discussion at the October Gallery London. The artworks are supported by a programme of free workshops and lectures for the general public, with a theme of printed-paper and its role in heritage interiors as a medium for communication and tableau for history. Annett works collaboratively with and will be critiqued by Susan Johanknecht (UAL), David Hancock (Paper Gallery), Eva Loubrieu and Elise Haudiquert; all specialists in contemporary works on paper and printmaking. The work is supported by the Arts Council England and is part of Annett’s ongoing practice which delivers contemporary arts projects in unusual public spaces and creates new platforms for artistic and interdisciplinary practices. It looks at the long-term internationalism of English History and how informal, cultural boundaries and exchanges are created and curated in public, private space through the medium of ‘paper’, print based surfaces and superficial architectures, remodeling them with a combination of traditional as well as 21stC and digital techniques and awareness.
Annett has developed multiple, abstracted, paper works that emerge from literal documents, prints and drawings, representing the fragmentary process of code making and code breaking as well as the flux in taste and the importance of international influence. The works will travel to France in december 2018 and combine to create one single exhibition in the gallery and grounds of Atelier de Melusine.




The first exhibition at the Atelier de Melusine opens. 'Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind' houses the 3rd codex of the three commissioned hand-bound books of Annett's prints from the series. A full colour catalogue of the project is available:                                  IBSN 978-1-9996224-0-4.

image from the Nouvelle Republic 20/12/19, article by Alan Guilan, image by Morgan Annett-Parish

image from the Nouvelle Republic 20/12/19, article by Alan Guilan, image by Morgan Annett-Parish