News 2018


18.30 - 20.30

L’Atelier de Melusine will formally open to the public on the night of 7 December 2018 as part of La Balade des Artistes.

Print and Paper works; Wrest and Bletchley Parks, Atelier de Melusine - Summer 2018, Sally Annett

South East Artform: combined arts, interdisciplinary arts, museums, photography, visual arts   Contact: Sally Annett

Systems of Philosophy – Wall(paper)s of Mind.
Wrest Park                                   June 16 – July 22, 2018

Bletchley Park                              July 15 – October 28, 2018
October Gallery, London                October 6, 2018

Sally Annett has produced two, separate, large scale, exhibitions of original prints, paper objects, external panels and large hand–bound codex; one hosted at Wrest Park, the other at Bletchley Park for the summer and autumn of 2018. These will be followed by a round table discussion at the October Gallery London. The artworks are supported by a programme of free workshops and lectures for the general public, with a theme of printed-paper and its role in heritage interiors as a medium for communication and tableau for history. Annett works collaboratively with and will be critiqued by Susan Johanknecht (UAL), David Hancock (Paper Gallery), Eva Loubrieu and Elise Haudiquert; all specialists in contemporary works on paper and printmaking. The work is supported by the Arts Council England and is part of Annett’s ongoing practice which delivers contemporary arts projects in unusual public spaces and creates new platforms for artistic and interdisciplinary practices. It looks at the long-term internationalism of English History and how informal, cultural boundaries and exchanges are created and curated in public, private space through the medium of ‘paper’, print based surfaces and superficial architectures, remodeling them with a combination of traditional as well as 21stC and digital techniques and awareness.
Annett has developed multiple, abstracted, paper works that emerge from literal documents, prints and drawings, representing the fragmentary process of code making and code breaking as well as the flux in taste and the importance of international influence.




The first exhibition at the Atelier de Melusine opens. 'Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind' houses the 3rd codex of the three commissioned hand-bound books of Annett's prints from the series. A full colour catalogue of the project is available:                                  IBSN 978-1-9996224-0-4.