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Pupa - Dolls
Submissions are now closed.


L’atelier de Melusine
invites; artists in all media, scientists, writers, performers, musicians, programmers, coders, hackers, art critics, theorists, historians, academics and curators to apply to submit text-based works to ‘Pupa – Dolls’, 2019.
Works may relate, in the wider sense, to the concept of dolls, the trans-human, robots, avatars or humanoid forms and their ritual usage. The atelier invites you to respond to the statement below in the medium of the written word. The exhibition is part of the programme of postdisciplinary works, inquiry and dialogue which the gallery aims to platform and facilitate.

The works will form an exhibition in the gallery spaces, March – April 2019, and an element of the gallery blog; ‘Illud Nuntius:text message’, launching February 2019.
Image/s may be included within the piece, but text must remain the primary medium, it can be in any style, format and in any language but is limited to a maximum 22,000 characters.L


Terms and Conditions; 

Artists will be notified as to whether their work has been selected via email by 25 Feb. 2019

·       If you post the artwork by land mail and would like it to be returned, please enclose a self-addressed envelope. Please note; items over a weight of 2kg will not be returned.
·       If sent by email the Atelier will print off/render the piece on a paper/material of their choice and scale (unless this is specified by the artist/s, *advised).
·       The work will be curated as an installation over all 4 floors of the space, and the external areas.
·       Submissions will be in permitted in any language.
·       Collaborations and dialogues are welcomed.
·       Submission will close on 15 February 2018.
·       The atelier will create an e catalogue of the exhibition for electronic distribution to and by the contributors/exhibitors.
·       Submissions are welcome from all disciplines.
·       Submission is free.
·       Atelier de Melusine retains the right to publish and reproduce on line and in printed and promotional formats the works sent for exhibition.
·       If your work is for sale, please indicate whether it is a single original piece or an edition and indicate the price you wish to receive for the work.
·       The atelier currently holds insurance for public liability and damage to artworks * Limited to £30,000.00p

We look forward to receiving your submission.
Sally Annett. Atelier de Melusine. email:

Les contributions de toutes les disciplines sont les bienvenues.


Residency Programme 2018/19

'Addressing the Media' N.B. This Residency is now completed.

The first residency at Atelier de Melusine will take place in September 2018.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Five artists will be invited to come and work in the Atelier for one week, applications will be welcomed in all media.

Premise                                                                                                      World power and world-making authority is influenced and regulated by the ‘Media’, this is not a post-modern change, rather post-modernity has evolved as a creature of ‘tendency’ to exist within a media dominated consumer culture. The media owns the imagination, its truth is often temporary and lacks verity. As artists how can we begin to counter the media? We use many media and technology, across the political spectrum. Addressing the media is an invitation to convene to create work which effectively uses and challenges the mainstream media on issues such as gender, cultural borders, environment, language, science and technology.

An open call to artists working in all media.

This Residency is now completed.

Atelier de Melusine. La Trimouille. 86290. France

Artists to submit work either via email, dropbox or equivalent link to
Images or media files, CV, web presence and proposal for the project.
On application you will recieve the full brief and concept.

Deadline August 1st 2018

5 days intensive work, discussion, field trips, with a group show and formal discussion on the final two days.  Artists will be provided with internal and external  live/work spaces and co-curate the final exhibition with Annett.

Atelier de Melusine has several live/work spaces, a print room and grounds for residents to work and stay, accommodation is simple and requires mobility for steps and stairs. Two of the spaces are for multiple occupants so please specify is you require single, separate accommodation. Please do not confuse us for a gite! We are a working space. We are also a historic space. Built into the side of the old ‘Chateau de la Tremouille’ which was abandoned in 1040 ad, the atelier has a crypt currently under excavation and restoration, as well as a hidden cave which leads to a series of underground tunnels that remain sealed at this point. The half-acre gardens are also hidden, high above the roofs of the other houses, and are a large section of the old castle mound. It is a fascinating space, all year round.

Renovation and restoration of Atelier de Melusine is still continuing as we try to preserve previously hidden historic spaces. Because the space is not yet fully completed, we will not be charging a course fee. Instead, artists will be asked to contribute a donation towards the overheads and running costs of the space, exhibition and source and pay for their own transport to the residency and their working materials. 

Simple vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and suppers will be provided, however the Atelier is in the little town of La Trimouille which has a shop just around the corner, as well as a little tabac, post office, Doctor’s and a very sweet, very tiny cinema. Despite this, we are in the heart of the beautiful French countryside, on the very edge of the River Benaize which borders the Brenne National park, it is possible to walk out of town into rolling countryside. 

Insurance and liability
We ask that you take out your own travel insurance for the residency and will ask you to sign a document of personal responsibility/liablity on arrival.

Travel and Transport                                                                             
The nearest airports are Poitiers and Limoges.
By train, the TGV (strike dependent) also arrives at Poitiers and Limoges.

Local connections are then from Limoges or Poitiers train station to Montmorillon.
We will collect you by car from Montmorillon.

If you are driving there is plenty of free parking in the town.

 Alternative accommodation – camping, gites, chambre d’ hotes and bed and breakfast options are also available in La Trimouille in high season.

We look forward to receiving applications.