Terms and Conditions for Visitors

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Terms and Conditions for visitors

Dear Visitor,

Enter at your own risk and please use the steps, ramps and drops with care, by entering the property you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms and conditions below.

Please enjoy the art works, leave comments in the guest book and recommend us to your friends and family.

Terms and conditions of entry;

Entry is free.

The main exhibition is on the ground floor of L'Atelier de Melusine. There are works and workrooms on the floors above and in the gardens and if you would like to explore the building further, we are happy for you to do so.

Please note that there are many steps, ramps and staircases, some of which are uneven and have lower than average head height so please pay special attention to your personal safety when traversing the different levels, use the hand rails and take care not to bang your heads. 

There is night-lighting in the garden and only the lower levels are open for this event, the higher and back levels are not open to the public at any event, out of daylight hours, there are steep drops from the old castle walls.

Also, please note the step-up to the cloakrooms on the ground floors.

Children must be supervised by their responsible adult/cares at all times.

Please do not leave any possessions or belongings unattended.

Please do not touch the artworks.

We reserve the right to ask any person/persons to leave immediately without provision of any reason.

During events, exhibitions and performances you may have your image captured, please contact a member of start and asked to be removed or excluded from any photography, if you do not we assume that your entrance into the space allows us permission to do so. Please take especially care to tell us if you do not wish your children to be photographed.

Entry will be at your own risk and we accept no liability or responsibility for any accident or injury to property or persons arising from this action.

Thank you in advance; Atelier de Melusine