L’Atelier de Melusine is located in central France and is the sister space to A & H Contemporary Arts (UK). Sally Annett is building up a gallery which incorporates a traditional printmaking studio/atelier to support mixed print residencies and master classes. It will also provide a space for research inquiry and exhibition for international contemporary artists across all disciplines.

Opening 07/12/18

The gallery/atelier will open with ‘Systems of Philosophy - Wall(paper)s of Mind’ exhibition on friday 7 december 2018 from 6.30pm onwards. The work was shown in two halves at Bletchley Park and Wrest Park in 2018 and supported by English Heritage, Bletchley Park and Arts Council Englamd. This will be the the first occasion that the artworks will be shown as a single body. Annett has organised an evening of events called ‘La Balade des Artistes’ which will see a ‘meal’ of artworks across the arts venues of the town of La Trimouille to celebrate the occaision.
By invitation only.

A review of the works by David Hancock, director the ‘Paper’ gallery Manchester UK can be found here: https://papergallerymagazine.wordpress.com/2018/09/18/sally-annett-systems-of-philosophy-wallpapers-of-mind/


The atelier is a historic site with gardens situated above roof level which are the old castle fortifications, it also has the entrance to series of ancient underground tunnels. 
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