Live events in L'atelier Hugh McMillan, Jonas Read and Katy Ashcroft

As part of our programme of events in the summer of 2019 we have several guest artist performances, Scotts poet Hugh MacMillan will present ‘Blash o God’ on the roof top gardens on 31st May as part of Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts, Jonas Read of the BIg Geraniums will give a live performance of musical works as part of the launch of his photographic exhibition his life in NYC which opens on 19 July (after the BG’s sold out gig in Dublin the week before) and UK artist Katy ashcroft will play an acoustic set in the space in August.

Here is the link to Hugh McMillan and Robert Campbell Hendersons ‘Blash o God’ which will be showing in the attic space from 11 May - 29 June

Here are the Big Geraniums back in 1997

Katy Ascroft Jan 2019