Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts deuxieme vernissage along with Balade des Artistes partie deux

Friday provides a second vernissage opportunity to see the exhibition ‘Temporal Traces Magical Manuscripts’ which include the prints of Serge Arnoux, William Blake, Robert Campbell Henderson music and poetry of Luis Calero, Hugh McMillan as well as the tracings of Coptyic Magical Papyri, Korshi Dosoo and Raquel Martín Hernández .

With etchings, engravings, film, amination, sound works, sculpture, poetry and installations at Atelier Melusine you can also walk to the two other arts venues in La Trimouille, Atelier Vero and Dayart.

Each venue will be serving a speciality dish for this start of summer - we are being encouraged to celebrate an English summer (no little irony) so there will Pimms cup and egg sandwidges a plenty.

18.30 - 20.30

This show is incredible and provides very rare opportunities to see ancient coptic manuscripts, alongside original copper etching plates and experience contemporary and digitised interpretations of the works as well as hearing the incredble interpretations of some of the oldest hymns known to the western world recreated by Spanish singer Luis Calero in a 12th ruined castle.

Dont miss out I am consistantly excited and inspired by the complexity and research behind this work

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